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Introducing Nikoo Bhartiya city Apartments Phase 2
This is a city. But more than that, it's an environment. Children here can just be children-climbing up trees and chasing butterflies on the way to kindergarten. Neighbours here aren't strangers. People headed to work don't need to account for jams on the way. And the Nikoo home you live in, compares to the very best on earth. From a studio suite to a penthouse, every house has a standardized Italian kitchen, an outdoor deck that seats at least four and access to all the public spaces like link gardens and a clubhouse. Some immensely talented architects, town planners and engineers are working round the clock to bring this vision to life.There used to be a time when houses were built around a person’s needs. Then progress happened, cramping up cities and cramping up homes within the cities. Architects began designing homes resembling straitjackets that families had to squeeze themselves into. Home sweet homes, they weren’t. A Nikoo home is a welcome change for anyone who shares this sentiment. To begin with, there are ten different spreads of homes you can pick from.


Aerobics Room
Arts & Craft Studio
Barbeque Pit
Canopy Walk
Coffee Lounge/Restaurants
Conceirge Services
Contemplating Alcoves
Dance Studio
Demo Kitchen
Early Learning Centre
Event Space & Amphitheatre
Flower Gardens